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HONK is a weekly entertainment magazine platform specializing in celebrity photos, entertainment, lifestyle, music, news and fashion.


  • FRESH AF Magazine

    FRESH AF Magazine

    Started out as a single journalist from the greater NYC area, now a full fledged magazine company covering sports, music, and everything " Fresh AF".

  • Paul Prince

    Paul Prince

  • James Anderson

    James Anderson

    Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

  • Vasean Byone

    Vasean Byone

    What’s up I go by the name Yung Savvy. I’m 25 years old And I’m a unsigned independent artist from Louisiana tryna tell my story!!

  • Natisha Phillips

    Natisha Phillips

  • Maria Altamura

    Maria Altamura

  • Rui Miguel Barrocas

    Rui Miguel Barrocas

    I am from Portugal, an amateur writer looking forward to learning. Work as security in night shift. Please visit my Instagram for fun pics @wolfpt77 🙂

  • Prince JG

    Prince JG

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